The Blowhole Babes of the Week #24: The Bella Twins

Haven’t had twin babes yet now have we? Always something new to look forward to here at the ol’ Blowhole. The babe (or in this case babes) for this week is also being updated two days early because, well, in this case it would have been pointless to wait until Sunday. In honor of this weekend’s 26th annual Wrestlemania, I delved into the WWE’s roster of delightful Divas and the choice was a no brainer. The babes for this week are Brie and Nikki Bella, The Bella Twins. Though this year’s Wrestlemania has one of the most stacked cards in history (I’m most looking forward to what has to be the most epic rematch of all time, The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, though Bret Hart’s return the ring after twelve years is also pretty exciting), as of this time there are currently no Divas scheduled to compete on the show. Which will make this the first Wrestlemania in 13 years to be Diva-less. Maybe next year they’ll have both women’s titles defended on the show, with a Bella competing in each match. That’d be cool. I may not be as into the wrestling scene as I once was, but Wrestlemania season always turns me into a giddy school child again. I’m not a sporty individual, so while I don’t care for Super Bowls or World Series or Stanley Cups, Wrestlemania’s always a show my family and I can’t miss. In other words, don’t bother me Sunday night.


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