Creepy- You can’t hide

US Search - Be InformedI can find you. Ok, I was just looking at my old Ray William Johnson post and I decided to see where it appeared in a google search– I searched Ray William Johnson and it’s 22th by the way- Directly under that link was a link called Ray William Johnson- Email , Address, Phone numbers, Everything. And I thought “What kind of crazy stalker shit is this?” But I clicked it any way.

So the link wasn’t a crazed fan invading Ray’s privacy but a website that can invade everyone’s privacy- even yours. In the back of my mind I always figured there were sites you could use to find people for a fee, but i didn’t realize how easy and cheap it could be.  With just a persons first and last name you can find them and for just a buck ninety-five you can get their full name, age, address, and number. For 50 bucks they’ll practically tell you what so-and-so had for lunch. We’re talking marriage and death certificates, warrants, relatives, neighbors, and lawsuits. All your business out there for peanuts.

So I thought, well, Ray is kind of a celebrity, well known and puts a lot of his life online but someone like me who doesn’t even have a myspace can’t possibility be found right? Right? WRONG? Without paying a dime I saw my full name and that of my mother, father, and brother, my age, and my address. I looked up a friend of mine and found her with no problem. But there is a problem- she’s kind of in hiding from this crazy guy, real big time (not just college creepy) stalker and I thought- if I could find her, so could he.

Am I the only one completely creeped out by the idea that we live in a world were your life is accessible with the push of a button. People already put so much of themselves on social networking sites and blogs but we were all told as kids not to put your real name, address, or phone number online. Most people forget but it doesn’t matter because even if you don’t someone has done it for you.

I was watching an episode of NCIS, one of my favorite cop/case-solving shows, when I saw a part where a girl comes to visit Gibs at the office. She tells the team the reason for her visit is personal and yet while she’s in talking to Gibs they myspace her. Within just a minute they know who she is, who her friends are, and with a little reasoning, why she’s  there. It’s her own fault but geeze no morality about that sort of thing huh?

When did the world become a place where you are more likely to look someone up than just ask them the questions you want to know? Where you relationship isn’t official until you change your status? Where you could have a friend who you’ve never been in the same room with or who’s real name you don’t know? When?

I could go on and on but i’ll finish by saying that if someone wanted to find you they could, if they wanted to know you, know everything about you how easy do you think it would be for them? Do you feel safe and comfortable in the cyberworld we’ve created for ourselves.

~Thomasa })i({


One Response to Creepy- You can’t hide

  1. Aethereelle says:

    Wow, that’s really crazy! I stumbled across a site like that once and wondered if it really did get into that much detail, so it’s interesting (and yeah, creepy) to know it does. Thanks for that, it was truly enlightening.

    Oh, and you are also my new favorite person-I’ve-never-been-in-the-same-room-with because you have very interesting writing. And you like RWJ and NCIS. Just sayin’. 🙂

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