I’ve come to realize that the people I spend the most time with these days aren’t aware of the greatest movie ever made. Yes, it’s better than Back to the Future Part 2. Yes, it’s better than The Dark Knight. Yes, it’s better than all six Star Wars movies put together. It is the one and only Barrett Wars.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, because I can use this wealth of memories for my JunkIRemember blog. But I do feel I should put this into some context for all of you out there. (And this is the long-story-short version.) During the second half of my Senior Year of High School, my friends and I decided to make a movie. The end product was Barrett Wars. To put it lightly, this was a big deal for us. Whenever we had a big group get together, we watched this movie. Whenever we welcomed a new friend into our group, we watched this movie. When we sat around and had nothing to do, we watched this movie. When my friend Sean had a graduation party to attend, he gave this movie as a gift. One teacher was so impressed by it that he played it on loop for all of his classes the last day or two of school. Between viewings with friends and family I think I saw this thing easily a few dozen times in that year or so. Way back when I could recite it word for word, beat for beat.

And that’s why I was surprised when I was laying in bed and, for whatever reason out of the blue, I realized that several of you have no knowledge of this masterpiece of independent filmage. I planned to link the entire short film (ten minutes or so all together) here, but it appears it’s no longer available on Facebook. However, the trailer IS still available on Youtube. So that will wet your appetite. If this sneak peek intrigues you, let me know and I’ll see if I can hook you up with a copy.

UPDATE: For the full story on Barrett Wars, click here!



2 Responses to BARRETT WARS

  1. Jonathan says:

    Once again, I am quite upset that I was not mentioned as either “Starring” or “Co-Staring” in this movie. Just thought I would share….

  2. Michael says:

    That’s true. Russell doesn’t even have any lines and he got mentioned. I’m a terrible friend. Unless you’ll believe that it was to keep your cameo a surprise. Let us go with that.

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