Youtube Spotlight- Tommy Wallach

Youtube Spotlight- Tommy Wallach

Hey guys, it’s that time again…no it’s not my birthday. No it’s not your birthday (well, it could be but I wouldn’t know and if it is “Happy Birthday”). It’s time for another awesome addition of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. Since I haven’t talked about the talented musicians of Youtube in awhile today we’ll be talking about Tommy Wallach, an amazing singer/songwriter.  The cool thing about Tommy for us Blowholians is that he is also a published writer and an avid blogger.

Tommy Wallach is a 2005 graduate from Gallatin School at New York University originally from Seattle, Washington who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Tommy Wallach has had works appear in such magazine as McSweeney’s, ReadyMade, and Tin House. In 2006 he released “Tommy Wallach” his first album containing 10 original songs and his Beatles cover of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. In the same year he won the NYC MAC Award for the Best New Performance for a original cabaret musical he directed.

In January of 2007 Tommy started Snowvision, a popular numbered series of videos on youtube of him performing his original songs and requested covers, often including a small personal anecdote from his everyday life and an explanation of the song and its importance to him.

I came upon Tommy around the same time as I heard Mario Kart Love Song and even though he could play the piano like no one I had ever seen and he had an amazing and raw singing voice it was his songs that captivated me.  The way he captures real moments from life and makes fun of the misconceptions we often have about them made me laugh, made me cry, and best of all made me think.

Why do ugly people fall in love?

Are we a generation of failures?

Best cover of The Beatles “Blackbird” I have heard.

As I mentioned earlier Tommy Wallach is also a blogger- Check out his writing at He also writes for another blog- here’s a link to a book review he wrote from The Arts Fuse.

So, now that you just got your crash course in all things Tommy Wallach go check him out and comment, rate, sub, and enjoy.

~Thomasa })i({

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