Disney Channel Original Movies!

Heres another installment of Disney Channel Original Movies. This time I watched the movie that made it cool to be a paper boy again, Gunther and the Paper Brigade (1996). This starts out like any disney movie, where a family moves into a new town, in this case from the city to the suburbs, and their oldest son struggles with making friends, dealing with bullies, and capturing the attention of that special girl. Its a hilarious, fun packed movie with the most unusual characters. I found this on youtube as well, so go check it out!

It starrs:

Kyle Howard as Gunther. (He is now known as Bobby Newman on the hit show “My Boys” as well as numerous other TV shows)

Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger as Crazy Man Cooper. (From Urban Legend to Home Alone and countless guest spots on TV, this guy has been in so much! But he’s best known as that nightmarish killer we’ve all grown to love Freddy Krueger)

Chauncey Leopardi as Charlie. (You’ll remember this kid as Squints from another classic 90s movie The Sandlot)



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