Dance, Dance

So one thing you may not know about me is that I’m a dancer. I love and appreciate all art forms, but Dancing has an extra special place in my heart. Well, here’s three reasons why I love the Art of Dance.

The first is a video of Kayla and Kupona dancing to Sarah Bareilles’ Gravity on So You Thing You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and let me tell you they can most certainly dance. Hopefully these videos will make you fall in love with dance as much as I have.


The second is also from SYTYCD. It features Jeanine and Jason dancing to Jason Mraz’ If It Kills Me. It starts off really light and kind of humorous, but gets really intense towards the end.

I hope she has a refund on that dress.

The last video is also from SYTYCD. The dancers are Katee and Twitch and the son is Duffy’s Mercy. This performance is also pretty intense, but it falls more on the funny side. It also has a door.

Thanks for watching!!



2 Responses to Dance, Dance

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am a big fan of SYTYCD. I remember watching Jason and Jeanine dancing that and thinking “Wow, that was amazing!” I also enjoyed the dances Joshua and Katee had together.

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