Youtube Spotlight: Ray William Johnson

Youtube Spotlight

Ray William Johnson

This is Ray!

Hey all, it’s time for another roaring addition of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. This time were talking about the talented, entertaining, and adorable Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson is a college student from NYC and his videos get some major attention in the Youtube Universe. He’s a Youtube partner and had been a member since May 2008. According to his site he’s a self proclaimed “regular guy with an entertaining hobby.” but it takes a driven and ambitious person to make over 9 videos per week!

Ray has created the very popular Youtube show “=3” with new episodes airing every Sunday and Wednesday night. “=3” is a comedy show devoted to showing the most popular viral videos of the moment and making jokes about them. He often uses voice over to give his audience an idea of what he thinks the people and animals in these videos might be thinking as the situations develop. At the end of each video he poses a question from one of his many video responses and instructs his viewers to “leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below” and several are displayed at the end of his next video. Viewers of the show have come to expect hilarious videos with a slightly  choppy editing style, a creative and/or corny segue into the comment question of the day, and a closing in which an adorable kitten dances to Ray’s song about “Doing Your Mom”. “=3” is the #10 most subscribed channel of all time on Youtube, the #7 most subscribed comedian channel of all time, and the # 10 most subscribed partner channel of all time.


As though writing, filming, and editing two videos a week isn’t enough Ray William Johnson has also recently started a new channel call “Breaking NYC” where he posts daily vlogs…did you hear me? Daily! Youtube viewers know when something special comes along and when the person is devoted because since its creation on the 11th it has become the #1 most subscribed channel of the month. Unlike “=3”, “Breaking NYC” isn’t a comedy channel but rather an in depth look at Ray’s daily life, including doing chores, going out with friends, and discussing the trials and benefits of being an internet celebrity. In this daily vlog we see Ray do the dishes, hang out and play video games with Tessa aka Meekakitty, undercover model,and go drinking with his openly gay roommate and good friend Will aka “WillofDC”. Will, besides having his own channel, also edits these vlogs.

Breaking NYC

In both of these channels Ray William Johnson’s catch phrases have become a sort of funny inside joke for viewers. Unless you watch, you won’t know what he’s talking about when he says “Squirrel Aids”, “Adopted”, or “Two camels in a tiny car” but anyone can enjoy the “What’s happenin forum”, “I’m doing your mom” and the most uttered and versatile phrase of all “Just sayin”.I catch myself saying it now.

So you think Ray William Johnson would stop there wouldn’t you? but no he is also a talented musician and rapper. He and a friend named Mickey aka “Micfri” are known as Fatty Spins. They create awesomely hilarious and surprisingly clever songs including, “Doing Your Mom”, and “Apple Store Love Song”, featured here. Fatty Spins joined the Youtube family in May of 2009.


Fatty Spins

Is there anything Ray William Johnson can’t do or hasn’t already done? When does he find time to sleep or do homework or just veg out in front of the TV? Well, his busyness is our entertainment. So, now that you’ve just gotten your crash course in all things Ray William Johnson go watch, rate, sub, and enjoy and in ray’s own words “Keep Trollin”!


P.S.  You can also get a tee shirt from the show here

13 Responses to Youtube Spotlight: Ray William Johnson

  1. Nicole says:

    HaHa Funny Stuff. This may be my favorite youtube spotlight. I’m torn between this one ,and the one about the impersonator.

  2. senna says:

    RayWJ on NYU? Really? But that’s quite an prestigious and very expensive school, isn’t it?
    Not that Ray is stupid and poor, but still.
    That’s awesome.

    • vivi83 says:

      No he goes to Columbia actually we started there together at the same time. He is very down to earth and a nice guy although i don’t see him as much around campus anymore he might have graduated last semester though 😉

  3. Thomasa says:

    Hey, I don’t know which school he goes too; i looked everywhere but could find out. I said he was “from” NYC. Sorry for the mix up i’ll be more clear on the next one 🙂

  4. […] Ray William Johnson, searching people, stalking, Status I can find you. Ok, I was just looking at my old Ray William Johnson post and I decided to see where it appeared in a google search- I searched Ray William Johnson and […]

  5. hiccih says:

    Awesome vlblog. Some stuff for =3 fans

  6. the cookie monster… wait didn’t he get put in a mental hopital.

  7. Yeah man, the cookie monster is LONG gone.

    And Thomasa I couldnt agree more, I find myself saying “i’m just saying” after every slightly outragous thing I say =P
    He really is very very entrtaining and i’ve got to say i am proud to be a member of the “Forum”

    I just made a post on my blog about him and when I tried to find it on google, I foudn this and i’m glad I did, I think i just found a new fav. blog!

    Your awesome! =D

  8. […] I was watching =3 the other night and for just a second I thought ‘huh, Ray is kinda smokin’. lol he seems to hide his hotness be making crazy faces, doing hilarous voices, and overall being a goofball but when he just talking normally or singing he is revealed as a very hunky individual. So i could ogo on and one but, as you might remember, i did a post on Mr. Johnson while back, prehaps not. You can check it out here…Bing. […]

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