Remembering Those Who are Great

In honor of all of the great entertainers who have fallen in 2009, The Daily Blowhole would like to remember them for the many years of entertainment they left behind. Here is a list of the famous people who have died this year. We’ve lost so many good ones. The list is overwhelming.

Steve McNair-Famous Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans

Ed McMahon- Decorated war veteran, an American comedian, game show host, announcer, and television personality.

Bea Arthur- Actress, comedian and singer whose career spanned seven decades.

Billy Mays- TV Pitchman for Oxiclean and other products.

Farrah Fawcett- An American Actress and all around beauty.

David Caradine- Actor and Martial artist.

Dom DeLuise- American actor, comedian, film director, television producer, chef, and author.

Natasha Richardson- English stage and screen actress. Helped raise millions of dollars for AIDS research and awareness.

“Gidget” The Taco Bell Dog

John Hughes- An American film director, producer and writer.

Walter Cronkite- American broadcast journalist, best known as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years.

Ted Kennedy

DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)- American club DJ, member of the rock band Crazy Town, and worked on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others.

Patrick Swayze- American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter.

Brittney Murphy- American Actress and sweetheart.

Michael Jackson – The King Of Pop.

May they rest in peace.


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