What Book Would You Be?

First i’d like to apologize for not being able to post. I’m home for the holidays and our internet isn’t working i’m actually at a friends now posting this.

So, to the question at hand, If you could be any book which would it be?  I’ve just finished watching the 1966 film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, a book which i read just a few weeks ago. If you are at all familiar with this book or the movie than you no doubt know where this question stems from. If not i’ll explain. In the story, books are burned and reading is illegal. Montag, our hero, finds that he can no longer work his job as a fireman and runs away to live in the mountains with the “Book People”. These people are the outcasts of society who, in order to preserve our history, have each committed one of their favorite books to memory in order to preserve it. Essentially,  they become this book and it’s title becomes their name. They do this  so that some day in the future when books are no longer banned they can tell themselves and the book can be reprinted.

This idea made me think… if i was one of the book people which one would i be? My memory is crap so the book would have to be short LOL. I think i’d like to be something by Vonnegut or Maya Angelou. I think i’d be “Slaughter House-Five” or “A Day No Pigs Would Die” by Robert Peck, or “Falling up”.

So, in the comment section, tell me what book would you be?

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