SixthSense Technology

This is the craziest and coolest shit. You gotta check out this video. I don’t think I could even do the technology justice by trying to explain it with my fragile little mind. It just blows my mind what all is possible with this thing. CHECK IT OUT!

There’s a second video on there as well showing more demonstrations. What’s crazy is that the guy in the first video says it’s actually not that complicated to manufacture and that one could even do it at home. In the second video, the woman mentions that this thing could be made and would be no more expensive to buy than a cell phone.

I especially like the way ratings/reviews appear on the book and the way he takes pictures with just his fingers. Digital pong on the floor would be a good time. I’d never be able to sit in class and not draw fifty watches on my arms before it was over. Not crazy about the words appearing on people though.

Yeah, it’s pretty mindblowing.



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