Youtube Spotlight-Community Channel

Youtube Spotlight- Community Channel

I’m back with another installment of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. This time we’re talking about my newest and most addictive find- Natalie Tran!

Natalie Tran creates a weekly vlog called Community Channel that’s videos averagely pull in over 1 million views…each. The vlogging dynamo is a 23 years old who lives in Sydney, Australia. She is the number one most subscribed Youtube channel from Australia with a whopping 482,684 subscribers. Youtubers vie for a coveted spot on her Pornomusic/comment time…go ahead read it again I’ll wait. Yes! A special section at the end of each video that highlights some of the funniest and most interesting/witty comments from the previous video accented with Porno music. (Such a blowholian idea!) She puts together little skits in which she plays multiple parts so you can understand what she’s talking about. For example…

(Hot singles in your area)



And sometimes she just puts music to experiences that we have all had.

(We just touched Awkwardly)

She starts every vlog with a friendly hello and ends it with a “hope you’re all well!” and in-between are tons of your mum jokes, sexual references, and random things she notices from her everyday life.

I like that she’s so cool in a completely nerdy way. She openly admits to liking to go to Comic book conventions like Comic Con, quoting Lord of the Rings, and not being a ‘popular’.

You might remember one of my other posts about being uncomfortable when people make out in front of you…maybe not…anyway, the video in that post was one of hers.

It’s weird but after I watch a few of these videos I find myself using her words and talking in a slight Australian accent- sexy huh?

Your mum rates her, maybe you should too! So, now that you’ve just gotten your crash course in all things Community Channel and Natalie Tran got watch, rate, sub, and enjoy!


P.S. Don’t listen to the comments that say the only reason she gets so many views is because of the two reasons below her neck and above her stomach, this girl has got a lot to say and she’s so funny.


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