The Pink Glove Dance

Everybody has been talkin about this new video on youtube called the Pink Glove Dance. I must say at firs glance it seems like a parody of Jay Sean’s “Down”, but after you realize what it is bringing awareness to you feel even better about it. I first saw this on the news, actually like a few mintues before I turned my computer on, and it had my heart all kinds of warmed up. The one woman from the video (and I apologize for not knowing her name) said that humor is the best medicine (I also think it may exercise your abs a little too) and she’s right! Anytime I laugh I know I start to feel better. So laugh a little and enjoy this wonderful video.


I just like to take the time and thank all of the people involved in this video. It shows how much they care about Breast Cancer Awareness o<to put together such an awesome video without profit. These are the types of videos I really enjoy seeing, because the makers of this video aren’t looking for fame or notority or are trying to get their own tv show, they just want to help any funny way they can. Thank you to everyone at the ProvidenceĀ St. Vincent Medical Center and Medline for making my and so many others’ day(s) brighter!



One Response to The Pink Glove Dance

  1. Nicole says:

    I like the janitor

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