Youtube Spotlight- Is it a Good idea to Microwave this?

Welcome to another installment of The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. This one is about one of my favorite Youtube shows, ‘Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?’

What do you get when you put together microwaves with chick names, a makeshift laboratory, a fan, a door covered with tinfoil, and three guys from Boston? A hit show that’s what!

This awesome show first started on July 1, 2007 when our host Jory microwaved a light bulb in a microwave that was left behind after everyone had moved out of his college dorm. Now this show is in to its seventh season with new episodes airing every Monday and Friday. It is one of the top 5 highest rated entertainment shows on Youtube.

What makes this show entertaining to watch isn’t so much the crap that explodes inside the cutely female named microwaves as much as it is listening to the guys talk. They make references to movies, current events and life and of course, as guys will, they make sex jokes and act like goof balls.

Jory Caron, age 21, is the host and co-creator/writer, Riley Mcllwain, age 18, is the sidekick and still photographer, and Jonathan Paula, age 23, is the cameraman, editor, co-creator/writer, director, and occasional co-host. Together they form a dynamic trio that is so easy to watch because you can imagine yourself being friends with them. They give me something to look forward to on Mondays.

Even though this show seems to be their most popular, these guys have a few others including “Live Time With Jon & Jory” on Thursdays at 8pm EDT, “Roller Coaster Commotion” (A personal favorite) on hiatus since they’ve been kicked out of most amusement parks at this point, “3 Steps to Success” on hiatus, “The Roadhouse” undefined radio show, and their newest project “Movie Night with Jonny Paula” on Wednesdays.

These shows aren’t just hobbies for the guys; they actually get paid through Youtube advertisements and make enough so that creating these shows is their full time job. Not a bad way to make a living huh?

Not to pick a favorite but the ladies seem to love Jory, during the live shows he gets hit on more than a southern woman. He is a cutie but personally I prefer Riley and he’s no longer jail bait. LOL Even if you think the roasted nuts joke is stupid you can’t say that this show isn’t kinda addictive and it isn’t something you might have done or wanted to down when you were younger with your friends. So is it a good idea to watch “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?” Absolutely! Now that you just got your crash course on all things “Is It A Good Idea to Microwave This?” go watch, rate, sub, and enjoy!

Ps. Don’t forget to read the info to the side of the videos (the first paragraph anyway) they put some pretty funny explanations in there.



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