Hanging Out With Couples

Over the summer I went down to North Carolina to hang out with a friend. She was super prego at the time and I wanted to be there to help out but after just a few days I started feeling completely out of place. It wasn’t anything they did wrong it was just the feeling of being in a room with people who are “together”.

This video may help you understand what I mean- it’s good to know I’m not alone in this.

Yea! It was like that. So what’s worse than couples being all lovey dovey when you try to hang out? Try when they start fighting. Never and I’ll repeat NEVER interrupt, take sides, or become at all involved in a marital spat! Find some place to go and go- run-sprint- just get the hell out of there.

I made the mistake of trying to mediate and got my head chewed off by the husband who said “If I wanted to marry you I would have!” to which I responded “As if you could!” It was messy. So learn from my mistake and run!

Have you every been in a situation like this, whether they’re humping on the couch next to you are getting to the borderline of a domestic dispute, what did you do?



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