Work Pet Peeves

For the most part, I don’t mind my job at Blockbuster. I get to rent movies for free, get to watch new movies a week early, and I can buy movies (which I’ve loved to do ever since DVDs were invented) at a discounted price. I even like being around most of my co-workers. I also don’t have to do too much work and I have almost no responsibility beyond helping customers. Suffice it to say it’s a pretty easy job. But as with everything in life, it comes with its fair share of pet peeves. Many of these can probably be extended to other retail outlets as well. So maybe we’ll bond over our apathy toward customers. Feel free to vent about your job in the comment section below.

6.) I hate when customers don’t realize that they need an account to rent movies. I ask them for their Blockbuster card and they look at me and say some variation of, “Duh, I don’t need an account to rent do I?” Yes, idiot, you do. How else can we make sure you bring back our movie?

5.) I hate when customers know that they need an account and act like I’m the idiot for not recognizing that. This time when I ask for their Blockbuster card they look at me and and shrug with a hint of attitude say, “I need an account!” Half the time these fools actually do have an account from another store, despite the fact that we always ask them that question first. “No no. I’ve never had any account at any Blockbuster store ever. Never ever. Ever.” Really, dumbass? The computer says otherwise.

4.) I hate when customers bitch about late fees. Apparently at some point in time Blockbuster promoted the idea that they didn’t charge late fees. And obviously the company realized how stupid that was and ended it years ago. But we still get people who are shocked to find out that they have to pay for a movie they rented two months ago. “Duh, but that one Blockbuster commercial said you don’t charge late fees.” Bring back your movie when we tell you to and you won’t have to worry about that. And here’s the thing, they can bring the movie back seven days late and still not get charged. They can bring it back within a month and what was charged to their credit card will be refunded except for a $1.33 restocking fee. It’s all written on their receipt but do people pay attention? No. They don’t.

3.) I hate when customers get upset at us if we’ve run out of a certain movie. This happens a lot when a movie’s just been released as everyone rushes out that weekend to rent it. Sometimes customers think we owe them a movie or we need to pull a copy of this one out of our asses and hand it to them. Once, when Paul fucking Blart came out, a customer brought up a retail copy and told us to turn it into a rental copy. I’ll give it to him that it might seem like an easy thing to do to someone who hasn’t worked in a rental store before, but the two types of DVDs don’t even come in the same type of boxes. The rental boxes are bulkier and have a hole in the bottom so that we can lock them when they’re out on the shelf. The retail copies are your standard DVD box but are typically locked in a slightly larger plastic case which is also locked (like you’ll see for video games at various stores) so that they aren’t stolen. Some idiots bring up these retail copies with the huge ass cases in tow and still think they’re renting it. “Duh, no I don’t want to buy it. What do you mean this isn’t a rental copy?”

2.) I hate when customers complain about our prices and tell us how great Netflix and Redbox are. If you prefer renting your movies through those services, do so. Don’t come to our store, pick out a movie, and then complain when you pay. We’ve heard it before and still don’t give a shit.

1.) I hate when customers don’t respond when I tell them to have a nice day. This one really irks me for some reason, and it bothered me at my one and only previous short-lived job at Old Navy as well. It especially bugs me if I’ve gone out of my way to help a customer. Maybe I signed them up for an account, maybe they were looking for a specific movie and I went and grabbed it for them. Maybe I told them not to bother with one movie and recommended something better. I dunno. I don’t care so much if they ignore me (and most do) when I say hello to them when they walk in the store. And I don’t even need them to wish me a good day in response. They don’t have to say thank you even. They can smile. They can nod their head. But the ones who just grab their DVDs and walk away without making a single sound or gesture can go suck it. It’s always a sigh of relief to see a regular, frequent customer come in because they actually seem to have some appreciation for our work.



2 Responses to Work Pet Peeves

  1. Nicole says:

    I didn’t know #3 happened, that’s funny.

  2. Thomasa says:

    I’ll keep these in mind next time I go shopping wouldn’t want people to hate me. I think people forget that the people working are real people or they’re just assholes!

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