Geeking Out

During our Daily Blowhole Hangout Time this afternoon, it was briefly mentioned that, to an extent, everyone’s a nerd in their own way. I had my geek out moment shortly thereafter. I took my brother to Wal-Mart because he wanted to purchase some Nerf swords when I stumbled across some Mighty Morphin Power Ranger figures. Instantly I geeked out. I don’t know why they’re selling them all of a sudden but I felt like a kid again. They were only about $5 a piece, so I went ahead and bought a Goldar (one of the most badass villains of all time). When I was a kid, I hated that all my Goldar figures came with wings attached, so I had my dad break them off. This new and improved Goldar comes with removeable wings. I thought that was badass.

So, what makes you geek out?


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