Wishing These Shows Were Not Canceled

I don’t usually get into TV shows that are on before midnight, but it seems like when i actually do, those shows get the boot. Right now the only show that I watch regularly are True Blood, which is entertaining.

My previous favorites were canceled in there second season; Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me( both created my Bryan Fuller). I miss these shows, and I wish they would get picked up by another station.

Just in case you are not familiar with either show, here’s the run down:

Pushing Daisies: Is about a man named Ned, who can bring the dead back to life for one minute by touching them. He has to touch them again before one minute is up, or else some one will die in their place.

It sounds odd, but it was a great show, with excellent performances by, Lee Pace(Ned), Anna Friel(Chuck), Chi McBride(Emerson), Kristin Chenoweth(Olive), Ellen Greene (Vivian), and Swoosie Kurtz (Lily).

Dead Like Me: An unhappy girl is killed by a toilet seat from a space station. After finding out she is dead she is assigned a job as a grim reaper. She has to reap a certain quota of lives before she well be able to “pass on”.

Really Really miss this show, and once again we are now missing out on fantastic performances by: Ellen Muth (Georgia), Callum Blue(Mason), Jasmine Guy(Roxy), Mandy Patinkin(Rube), and Laura Harris(Daisy).

Come on Networks, pick up this shows! Please 😦






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