um duh moment

Today’s um duh? moment is the meaning of twilight.

After a discussion of the books with the other blowholeians the question came up: When is twilight exactly? As self declared partially educated college students it became embarrassing that we couldn’t pin point the word’s meaning. So for your reading pleasure:

Twilight-(Beside being the name of the first in a series of best selling books by Stephenie  Meyer) Is the time between dawn and sunrise AND the time between sunset and dusk. (We got one and not the other) twilight is the phenomenon that occurs when scattered sunlight in the earth’s upper atmosphere illuminates the lower atmosphere although the sun itself is not visible. It is referred to as “sweet light” or the “blue hour” and is popular with photographers (and writers) looking to set a romantic idealized tone. The degree and length of time for twilight is dependent on many factors including geographic location and time of year, at the poles twilight can last for up to two weeks! In contrast, at the equator it may only last a few minutes.

So, did you know that?

-Thomasa 🙂


2 Responses to um duh moment

  1. Nicole says:

    I think I have the most troubles seeing during this time of the day

  2. Oh that’s what it is! Well, you learn something new everyday.

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