Heather and I were having a chat today, about what hair color we wished we had. When I was younger I really wanted red hair. I believe it was after I saw a movie that starred a red-headed actress, but I can’t remember which. Anyway, I was just thinking about our conversation, and figured since I’m really bored right now I would write a post about it.  Here are some kick-ass red-heads for your viewing pleasure:

Amy Adams: Multi-talented actress, who can pull off comedy and drama. Memorable role: Giselle in Enchanted(2007).


Julianne Moore: Award winning actress. Upcoming role: as Cathrine in Chloe (2009).


Laura Prepon: Not a natural red-head but the look works for her. Best known role: Donna on That 70’s Show(i’ve been watching a lot of  re-runs lately).


Lucille Ball: Probably the most famous red-head. Known for: Lucy on I love Lucy.


Maureen O’Hara: Irish actress. Best known role: Margaret McKendrick in The Parent Trap (1961).


Susan Sarandon: Award winning actress: Upcoming role: Nancy in Solitary Man (2009).


Nicole Kidman: It would be silly not to list this actress. Upcoming role: Claudia in Nine(2009)


Lauren Ambrose: Actress. Recent role: KW in Where the Wild Things Are (2009).

Full Cast at the Exit the King Meet and Greet

Rachelle Lefevre: Actress with wildest red hair. Upcoming role: Victoria in New Moon(2009).


I realize there are many more awesome red-heads, but it would take a ridiculously longtime to post.

enjoy 🙂


Update: it has been brought to my attention to change the picture of Nicole Kidman. So how’s this one?


3 Responses to Red-Heads

  1. anotherredhead says:

    hey thanks a lot i really like what you did BUT you couldve done much better work by posting a lot better pic of Nicole Kimdan!

  2. ShaneGris says:

    Hah then there are alot of redheads who just do it for show: Christina Hendricks is actually a blond despite her being lifter up as the new ginger posterchild.

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