Youtube Spotlight-Alphacat


So, since I seem to have chosen to be the Blowholeian authority on the Youtube universe it was suggested that I write posts about the amazing and talented folks whose videos I enjoy. Today’s spotlight- Alphacat!

Have you ever heard of Iman Crosson? No? How about Alphacat? You’d have to be living under a rock not to have seen the best Obama impersonator around. Iman Crosson AKA Alphacat is a youtube personality that has racked up an impressive 194,856 subscribers. What’s his claim to fame? Being the best and funniest Obama impersonator around.He’s even been on “Entertainment Tonight”, “Inside Edition”, and “the Insider”.

Alphacat came to my attention through a friend who showed me one of his first Obama videos a parody of  T.I’s “Whatever you like” which he called Obama “Whatever I like” posted Nov. 4 2008. This video has racked up a stifling 14,896,649 views and 62,515 ratings, and that number grows daily! What makes this video so memorable is his lighthearted and witty lyrics and dancing; plus it doesn’t hurt that he looks and sounds just like President Obama.

I think what I like most is the fact that he doesn’t use his powers for evil- every video is all in good fun not showing the president doing anything…questionable.

But Iman in more than just a one trick pony. He has done spoofs impersonating such personalities as Drake(Singer and Degrassi Star), Chris Brown(uh? let’s not go there), and Ludacris (Cool rapper with suspect facial hair)
See full size imageSee full size imageSee full size image

Here is a video where he impersonates Luda and a few other familiar faces.

He has an unexplainable ability to look just like the person he’s impersonating and he can sing which makes the music videos funny and easy on the ears. I know he’s so cute ladies but he’s taken(are you surprised?); his girlfriend kind of looks like Kendra Wilkinson (Heff’s ex girlfriend) she appears in some of his videos and she can sing pretty well too.  So now that you just got your crash course on Alphacat go watch some videos, subscribe, Enjoy!

Thanks to these picture people!

See full size image…/07/drake-comeback-cover1.jpgImage may be subject to copyright.Below is the image at:

See full size image…

Image may be subject to copyright. Below is the image at:…/

See full size image…/2008/04/ludacris.jpg

PS. If you think that what Kanye did to Taylor Swift was just plain wrong check out Alphacat’s Run This Town Spoof



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