There Goes My Favorite Month

October has turned out to be a rather disappointing month. First of all, it’s been rainier than shit. Second of all, which may tie into my first statement, most of the awesome color changing leaves either haven’t changed or they’ve just fallen without turning into a cool shade of orange. And what’s with all the bland, pale, yellow leaves this year? Boo-urns! Also, while I’ve made more time to watch Halloween specials and Halloween-appropriately-themed movies this year (last year I watched none) I still haven’t had as much time as I would like due to school and work. Blah. Thanks for letting me down, October. Now what do I have to look forward to?


One Response to There Goes My Favorite Month

  1. Thomasa says:

    Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years if you can remember it? LOL There are things to look forward to 🙂

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