Fall Pretty

Fall isn’t normally my favorite season because it usually means back to school in my brain, but  I think I am learning to appreciate it.  Maybe it’s the color of the leaves or the frequent flyers about hay rides that is making me feel rather nostalgic–but I like it. So i am going to list some stuff that I look forward to this season…


<——— 1. The changing of leaves(I took this picture at the Pittsburgh Zoo).

2. Haunted Houses/Hay rides, In high school we always went to Rich’s Fright Farm Click Here, which was always a good time.

3. Apple cider, You can always find this at your local store, but to me it always tastes better coming from a farm. We always went to Triple b Farms Click Here.

4. Bonfires, Smores are a good time.

5. Candy,popcorn balls! Candy apples!

6. Pumpkin pie( if anyone disagrees with this one, someone needs to kick you).

7. Scary Movies, This year I really like Trick R Treat

8. Costumes, I don’t think this one ever gets old.

If you have anymore, please feel free to list them.



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