Annoying People

So, this whole week has been full of annoying people. From people walking 2miles an hour in front of me almost causing me to spill my ketchup to people with smelly breath;) to people who I just can’t tolerate frequently (my mother), my life has been riddled with these questionably sane people. Do they know their annoying you? Is that why they do it? Or are they just that oblivious to the world around them that they don’t realize their going to get their head slammed in by an anvil if they catch me at a really bad time. Just kidding!! I would never do that. Or would I? Dun dun dun!! Anyway I’m dedicating this week to all annoying people so get it out of your system by Sunday or there’s an anvil with your name on it! Hahaha.

Did I scare ya? Come on people I don’t even have an anvil. Thanks for listening to me bitch.



2 Responses to Annoying People

  1. Michael says:

    You need to have your own talk or radio show just so you can end every episode with, “Thanks for listening to me, bitch.”

  2. Thomasa says:

    Funny… i don’t you right? I don’t want an anvil to the face to be in my future LOL. Great post!:)

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