Super Hot food

I’ll never understand the pull of eating food so hot that it’s actually physically painful. Eating is suppose to be a pleasureable or at least somewhat pleasant experience so why would you want to taint (See I can use it non-sexually) that by making your mouth feel like you just ate a burning building?
I’m watching Man Vs Food on the travel channel, one of my favorite channels by the way, and for two episodes in a row Adam has eaten things that are made with some of the hottest peppers known to man and all I keep thinking is why? Why would anyone want to endure that?
I am a heat lightweight! There I said it. I can’t eat anything spicy, even to much pepper is to much for me. Once my uncle forced me to eat one of his famous hot links (Yea that sound bad; get your head out of the gutter) and I had to drink 15 glasses of water and my mouth burned for almost an hour after! I’ve heard of the milk trick or yogurt of whatever. I tried hot sauce, tried training myself, but finally I realized I just don’t like spicy food and no one will ever force me to eat any again.
What do you think of the crazy people on TV who eat spicy food for entertainment value? Are you a spice aficionado or are you like me?

By the way, even though he eats Habanero peppers for shock value I still like Adam and the show Man vs Food. You should check it out.



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