LINK FIXED: I Like This List—fictional-towns

That’s a link from, which is pretty much the only movie site I go to; aside from IMDB. Every week they have a top ten list, with this week’s topic being The Best Fictional Towns. It’s a pretty cool list, and they actually mention most of the ones that I’d want to live in. It’s only numbers 10-6 and the rest will be posted either tomorrow or the next day. The ones I still want to see: Hill Valley (from Back to the Future), Pleasantville, and maybe Springfield (from the Simpsons. It’s also the graphic at the top which typically isn’t included in the list.)

So yeah, check it out if you’d like.



3 Responses to LINK FIXED: I Like This List

  1. Nicole says:

    Just a heads up, the link isn’t working

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks. It should work now.

  3. Thomasa says:

    This is such a tease- they should have posted the whole list. I must say i like where it’s headed though. Emerald City as honorable mention is pretty sweet. I’d like to see Hobbiton or the western air temple.

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