I Wish This Show Was Still On

I can’t be alone in wishing that Are you afraid of the Dark?, the spooky kid show of the 90’s was still on.  Though cheesy by today’s standards, when i was 8 that show scared the poop outta me.  I often hope that during the Halloween season some network will opt to do a marathon, but alas…that has yet to happen.

Is there a show that you miss? list it in the comments section.



3 Responses to I Wish This Show Was Still On

  1. Michael says:

    There are many shows I miss. Most of which were contained in the line-ups for Fox Kids, TGIF, and Snick.

    Anyone who remembers short-lived shows like Teen Angel, Aliens in the Family, Muppets Tonight, Space Cases, Walter Melon and/or can name at least two Power Ranger rip-off series off the top of their head (I just thought of five) automatically wins cool points for life in my book.

  2. Michael says:

    Oh, and to the topic at hand, there was an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark entitled The Tale of Badge that scared the ever loving bejeezus out of me. That’s the only time as a child I remember running to my mom due to how scared I was.

  3. Thomasa says:

    Old Nick had some pretty cool shows and I really miss this show but I’m kinda happy it doesn’t come on anymore. I think it was so great because i was a kid watching it and if i were to watch it now it would ruin the memories. I loved the one about the camera that made bad things happen. Take a picture- if you dare! More than the actually stories i loved the society- i always wished my friends and i had done something like that. Maybe we should. Our 1:00 muffin/story society LOL

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