A Hogwarts Halloween

What was Halloween like at Hogwarts? Seven frigging books and never one mention of how wizards trick or treat. And how cool would it be if wizards wore the same store-bought costumes we had? Imagine Harry Potter solving a fiendish Voldemort plan while dressed as Batman. Neville would be foolish enough to dress up as a hobbit and people would be like, “We don’t acknowledge that series, Longbottom.”  Malfoy would dress up as John Travolta in Grease. Every year. He’d get pissed when people asked him if he was the Fonz.

What else would have been cool to see Hogwartized? How about a Hogwarts Sex Ed class?
PS. Everyone must award me one cool point for not making the obvious “Cedric Diggory’s dressed as the dude from Twilight” joke.


2 Responses to A Hogwarts Halloween

  1. Nicole says:

    Perhaps Hogwarts could perform wicked as their school play. Or maybe a reality show “A shot at love: Hogwarts edition”

  2. Michael says:

    I wonder if Hogwarts gets MTV. Surely there’s at least one kid who wants to be “Made.”

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