Story Time!

Gather around kiddies, it’s story time.

The 2nd Commandment

Peter Tate was full of questions. There was never a time in his life when he wasn’t in a complete state of wondering. Even as a child he had driven his mother mad with questions. Why? Where? What? His favorite words would constantly paint his lips. He simply would not accept that there were things he would never know or understand. Now, as an adult, his questions were bigger and more complex and his poor old mother didn’t even attempt to answer them.

“Ask God honey.” She would say. “Talk to him about your questions, he knows.”

Peter went to a different church every Sunday. He sat restlessly in the front pew week after week listening intensely to the preacher, waiting for them to bestow upon their congregation the meaning of life or the truth about death. But each week the preacher let him down. During the open prayer time, he’d go to the front, kneel, close his eyes, and interlock his fingers and ask questions.

“God, why am I here? Why are any of us here?” he whispered but each week he left disappointed. He had read every book, the Bible, the Koran, prayed every prayer, say tons of Hail Mary’s, and devoted hours to meditation but still no answers came, no relief from his questions. It seemed that God was busy or deaf but millions of people got through to him. Millions felt his presence and had unwavering faith in him so why hadn’t he answered any of Peter’s questions. Could it be that God didn’t like being questioned? Or maybe God didn’t think Peter could handle the answers.

While Peter was at work one morning his mind was wondering as normal. He thought about all the time he had spent in churches, time that he felt was wasted. Even the little questions he had asked in passing bewilderment had gone unanswered. At this point Peter just wanted an answer, preferable the right one, but just a straight answer. Peter suddenly looked up and asked one final question.

“What is the meaning of life?” He asked as his fingered twitched. His eyes glazed over and before them in clean black and white print were 8,210,000 answers. They were neat and organized and all he had to do was read them. The first said: To find God’s plan for you. The second said: To be fulfilled and make a different. Finally, after years and years of questioning God had answered. He asked more questions and got more answers, they flowed like rain water in front of his eyes until they hurt and everyone in the office had left. Peter read the information and a tear dampened the corner of his eye, it was so simple, so easy how could he have over looked it? God had been ready to answer his questions all along and he just hadn’t seen them.

From that day on when Peter had a question he only needed to ask, he would sit down and ask The God Often Offers Genius in Legible Electronics system, GOOGLE for short.

What do you think? Has Google replaced religion when it comes to answering our questions? Have you ever Googled yourself?



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